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      3 weeks, 6 days ago

      Happy Victoria Day Holiday BReal
      The Consequents was victorious on May 18th with their live-show featuring The Diotones, No Plans For Chaos, Congregation of Savagery, and Alter Of The Fuzz!
      Setlist: Death Clause, Solace, Jaws of Life, Overtkill, and Warning Read.

      It has been 25 years of legitimately working on music Productions, live events, studio recordings, and artist mgmt for me personally. I’ve worked with many different people that each have their own ways of appealing to working as a musician. I had always allowed them to tackle the objectives in their own comfortable ways, and could never force anyone to use or do anything specific. The turnout would usually be a negative as I always tried to encourage the artists I’ve signed to use good gear, drum-triggering, and an overall setlist using in-ear monitoring/backing tracks/metronome. Saturday the 18th was the first time I was able to instill the use of drum-triggering, and in-ear monitoring as a mandatory. Every show in any group I’d ever performed with live was performed to an inner-metronome, and natural feel to where the drums decided to go.
      I know my worth, and I know what I am here to do with my musical career.. at my age of 35yrs old I have no tolerance towards people bringing down the value of my presentations with bad attitudes, negligence on what’s required to uphold the best quality performances, or harsh personal problems in their own lives that surface within my production.
      So far, The Consequents has seen 5 different vocalists, 5 different bassists, 5 different drummers….
      I have 25 years left before I turn 60, and shock-rock might be slightly different as a performing artist at that age.
      I choose to keep working on the production no matter what, and keep the biz open no matter what. Time moves faster on us each year, and I’ve known what I’m supposed to be doing as a career since I was gifted my first guitar.
      It’s funny because the way I’ve seen it is that everybody wants to be seen playing a song, but then again nobody wants to actually “play the song”.. **experienced analogy**

      Anyway, it’s here to stay and in contact with Warner Music on all updates as we go along. It is a shock-rock show; semi-theatrical, electrifying, openly cultured, and vastly variously influenced within.

      Next up is signing a new drummer (preferably a male, 30’s), and pursuit of more bookings. We’ll be recording a Covers, Vol. 3 album that closes a trilogy of cover volumes this year as well *so you know what to expect*
      I just expect some respect within the establishment of the biz I fund, and live for.. it has been very tough to find respectable, talented, open minded people in my time.

      Here we have Top-Sirloin Steak w./ onion gravy, Uncle Ben’s Veggie rice, garden salad with tomatoes and cucumber 🥩🥒🍅🧄🧅🍚🥬

      Much luv BREAL.TV 🖤🏁⚡️🙏

      – Anthony Sato

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