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  • I am getting ready for Haunted Hill on October 28th at the Novo in LA, and wanted to ask some experts on here what are the best taco/mexican joints for lunch in LA? We will be going from LAX to Dr. Greenthumb in West LA, then Venice beach to blaze up, then the Woods to blaze in the lounge, and then we are staying 2 minutes from the Novo that night!

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  • Hey Fam, dropped another episode on my podcast. Human emotions. Enjoy! Love

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  • How you light up the night

    Open my eyes from my quiet time and what I see is beautiful and it only last for minute or 2. What it is when I see the sky and see you. I sit in the silence of the night to wait and hear Your voice. In your creation I feel you breathe. The coolness of the air around me. Your breeze so gentle it brings peace within.…Read More

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  • Good afternoon fellas , I just wanted to wish you guys a good weekend and I wanted to share some recent tattoo sleeves I finished.
    Stay blessed

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  • I’m blazing out and listening to B Real’s solo catalog, and I was reminded how DOPE the song 1 Life is! I would love to learn more about the production and how this song was created! Along with the lyrics, the beat is DOPE as fuck!

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